If you have found yourself at a resort, hospital, hotel, college campus, shopping mall, restaurant, department store or big box retailer, there’s a good chance you have seen custom signage designed and fabricated by one our Architectural or Wholesale sign groups. Whether you consulted a directory, looked for your room number, checked out the menu board, or scanned the walls to locate the deli department, it very well may have been an Identity Group sign that helped you find your way.

Been shopping for office products or school supplies lately? You’ll find our consumer business products in retail stores and wholesale clubs coast to coast, as well as in your favorite office supply catalog, or your favorite e-commerce websites. Our trusted brands include E-Z Art™, Headline®, Newon®, Porelon®, Redi-Tag®, Stamp-Ever®, and US Stamp & Sign®. And, because we are among the largest private brand suppliers, you may be using our products without even knowing.

From our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Cookeville, TN, to each of our offices and production facilities across the country, Identity Group is clearly focused on one unwavering goal: Help our customers make a strong, positive and lasting impression. In other words, we help you Stand Out!

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